About Us

fivesquids was designed to make it fun and easy for people to turn their skills into a source of income by trading amongst themselves.

Students looking  to showcase their skills, mums or freelancers working from home in all creative fields are joining in as the market opens up to them from the comfort of their sofas.

Post your skill or services for FREE. It's so simple and quick.

Take a look and see what takes your fancy..... the limits are endless.


  • Registration is free. Only registered users can buy and sell on fivesquids. 
  • Buyers pay fivesquids for orders in advance.
  • Fivesquids accredits sellers once an order is complete.
  • Sellers may withdraw their revenues to a PayPal account of their choice.
  • If an order is cancelled (for any reason), the seller's revenues are returned to the buyer.

Become a money saving expert and slash your marketing budget by using an army of experts to build your business for just a fiver. This sort of microemployment will change the way we all do business and help creative talented people to earn a living online. 

fivesquids has been mentioned by Scott Mills on BBC Radio One and also tweeted by other celebrities such as Theo Paphitis. 

The things people do for £5. What would you do for a fiver?


Looking to get something done...?

Guarantee Work done or your money back