Buyer Protection

fivesquids Buyer Protection

1. If the seller has failed to deliver on time.

fivesquids will only pay sellers for each job or jobs upon successful delivery. You can request to cancel by logging on to the relevant order and clicking on ‘Reject Work’ link. After 2 days your money will be refunded to your fivesquids balance. if you also report it to us we will suspend the sellers service.

2. What if the service ordered isn’t as described or not to your satisfaction.

Give them a chance to sort things out for you.

3. If you and the seller don't agree.

We'll get in touch with the seller and quickly sort out the issue.

4. If you still need help, let us know your problem.

If you can’t work things out tell us by contacting our friendly team at

5. Pay for orders using PayPal.

fivesquids Buyer Protection only applies to orders purchased with PayPal. 


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